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New Planer

Now planing timber as big as 300 x 400


We are now planing timber as big as 300 x 400 in Hardwood and Softwood

In September we installed a new REX Timbermaster TM-8/41-W.

This machine has two top cutters, two bottom cutters, left cutter, right cutter and two top chamfering units and a sophisticated automatic feed system.  This means we can offer you the customer fast accurate planed timbers.

The maximum sawn timber size that can be fitted into the machine is 405mm x 320mm and the minimum is 50mm x 16mm, with a maximum of 10mm taken off the on the top, bottom heads and 20mm on the side heads. There are also two top chamfering units that can remove up to a 8mm chamfer on each corner or we can change them for 5mm radius cutters.

This moulder/planer is exceptional at planing mixed size timbers from small to the very large. It is also very good for simple mouldings. The reason for this machine be so successful at planing mix size orders is that sizes can be change on the control panel with out stopping production.

We have also invested in a quality mechanised feed system which results in timbers up to 10 metre in length being perfectly alined as they feed into the moulder and this offer the customer a much more consistent planed result. This also keeps the moulder working at a consistent rate giving a high level of productivity . 

A variety of high quality moulding can also be produced by this machine, the Leitz Profix quick change tooling means that a versatile range of finishes can be achieved with out the production time being slowed by lengthy tool changing, this means we can offer our customers fast, efficient production at a very competitive cost.  We can also source individual cutters for bespoke profiles offering unique finishes should the customer so desire.

Timber that has been through this machine will have the benefits of an improved finish and a far greater accuracy than sawing alone. This will greatly reduce the surface preparation and layout time needed, saving time and money.

Here is a list of what can be done with products produced from this machine;

  • Timber frames
  • Regularize wet or dry timbers
  • Standard and Wide flooring
  • Play ground timbers
  • Street furniture
  • Garden furniture
  • Timber frame components
  • Cladding i.e shiplap, halflap and chamfered halflap
  • Planed
  • Planed 2
  • Planed 3
  • Planed 4